How to Climb the Biggest Mountain in Kenya

22 Sep

One of the biggest destinations for tourists in Africa is Kenya where there are many tourist attractions. There are many fascinating sites in Kenya that has seen the number of tourists spending their vacations in the country rise over the years. From the flamingos in Lake Nakuru to the wildlife in the Tsavo National parks, there are many options when one visits Kenya for a holiday. The Masai Mara national park is also famous as it hosts the 'big five' and the annual movement of wildebeests from the Kenyan national park to the Tanzanian Serengeti national park. Tourism is considered among the largest contributors to the country's economy, and thus many people have invested in the tourism industry which has seen the quality of the services raised to meet the desired qualities.

 One of the best Mount Kenya hiking sites that one can visit in Kenya is the country's largest mountain; Mount Kenya. The mountain is famous being among the largest in Africa as it has an altitude of more than 5000 meters above the sea level and has three peaks which are covered by snow despite the temperatures associated with the tropical countries. The mountain also has some history as it served as the battleground between when the country struggled for independence. The culture of the residents living around Mount Kenya is also another leading contributor to the ever-increasing number of visitors visiting the country.

When one treks Mount Kenya, they also get an opportunity to see the nature closely where there are wildlife animals that are also present and thus advisable for one to have a tour guide who is familiar with the routes to climb Mount Kenya. The best route when going for a hike to Mount Kenya is Chogoria route and thus one when on Kenya Safari Tour should find it necessary to visit the Kenyan biggest mountain.

To enjoy your vacation fully in Kenya there is the need for one to select a Kenya safari tour company that has guides to direct you to the areas to visit. One needs to book with a safari tour company in advance to get the best services from the moment one gets to the country. In the recent times, one can book for a safari holiday in Kenya online as many safari holiday companies have established websites. Selecting the best safari holiday will ensure that you fully enjoy your holiday or your vacation as they offer the best services. Learn more at

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