Four Essential Things Each Traveler Need to Have When Mountaineering in Kenya

22 Sep

Kenya is one of the countries found in Africa that get prioritized by many tourists for the most abundant tourist attraction sites. One of the zones which you will find most important to spend your vacation is such as the mountains like Mount Kenya. When trekking in Mount Kenya, you need to have essentials that will make your hiking to be straightforward and fruitful. The following are some of the vital stuff that each tourist need to have when trekking and hiking in the highest mountains in Kenya.

First of all, means of transport is the first basic necessity that you need to have when planning to tour several mountains in Kenya. Therefore, it is not advisable to use public vehicles as they will delay in the road. For that reason, you need to hire the Kenya safari tours that will ease the task of shifting from one mountain to the other. Thus, it is sensible to make sure you have a transport means that will be able to tow a trailer as you will need other things that could not fit in the car such as foodstuff and drinks.

Secondly, Kenya local guides are necessary especially for the first time mountain climbers. Therefore, you can seek the assistance of a guide whom will take you through the jungle from local game, forest post or sometimes from a local chief. Thus, mountaineering can seem obvious, but you can get lost in the maze of game, hence, having a tour guide is necessary when looking forward to climbing the highest mountains in Kenya. Know the Sirimon route here!

Moreover, maps are the other thing that you need to have whenever you are planning to go climbing in the highest mountains in Kenya. Thus, the maps will aid you to know the simplest Chogoria route mount kenya when you are hiking. For that reason, you will be in a better position to know the easiest way when in the middle of all Mount Kenya climbing routes.

Finally, clothing and equipment is the next assortment of the requirements when mountaineering in the highest mountains in Kenya. Thus, you need to get fully equipped with necessary items as the weather will keep changing in Kenya. For instance, the weather may be friendly during the day, but later at night, it turns to be cold than you expect. Other supplies you will need are such as battery, torch, compass, and matchbox among others. Watch and gather more details at

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